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Let It Happen Retreat Ibiza,
October 9th – 13th, 2015

Let It Happen Retreat Ibiza, October 9th – 13th, 2015

  • Do you want to find out who you truly are, where your passion is and to awaken your inner Shakti?
  • Do you feel like changes need to be done in your life but you are afraid to do so?
  • Have you had no quality time with yourself because of your busy daily routine?
  • Have you been disconnected from the Mother Nature lately?

The time is NOW, do not wait till tomorrow to make the changes happen. Find the time to get to know yourself better, give yourself a treatment that you deserve by being simple, loving and in connection with nature.

Yoga location Ibiza
yoga houding
Yoga location Ibiza

We look forward to have you on this retreat where you will enjoy a deep practice of traditional yoga in combination with different meditation techniques which will work on your body and soul. You will experience a blissful time full of love, complete happiness and peace that comes from within. It is your opportunity to awaken your inner Shakti, the supreme divine energy by leaving the busy commotion of the mind and abandon the desires of the ego and enter into the silence of the heart.

This retreat is suitable for everyone who want to find their inner balance, deepen Yoga & meditation practice and energize the body and soul.

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Morning and evening practice of traditional Yoga:

  • Shanti mantra
  • Warm-up
  • Asanas (physical postures)
  • Final Relaxation
  • Morning and evening Meditation using different techniques (breathing exercises, own laugher) which will lead you to connect with your own center, calm your mind, purify your emotions, awaken your inner energy and experiencing a natural relaxation
  • Jala Neti, one of the purificatory techniques of the body: theory and practice
  • Ayurveda cooking class related to another of the purificatory techniques of the body called Shank Prakshalana
  • Breakfast full of energising goodies
  • Vegetarian Lunch
  • Accommodation in shared rooms in a villa located in a mesmerizing and quiet part on „The White Island“: Ibiza
  • Welcome presents for your body and soul
  • Some of the Yoga and Meditation sessions will be held outside of the villa, in beautiful parts of the island – Let us surprise you

Price: € 650,-

During your stay you can go on day trips to visit some of the cozy towns and beautiful beaches nearby or just relax by the pool

Besides the group sessions you can make reservations for some wonderful therapies and treatments (not included in the retreat price) such as Body Massage, private Meditation, Life-style consultation according to Ayurveda (Science of Life) principles


The retreat is in a villa on the wonderful island Ibiza.

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Ursula Pieter

Maa Shakti Anand

My name is Ursula Pieter and in India I got the honour to receive my yogi name: Maa Shakti Anand. The meaning of Shakti is power, energy, inner happiness. I grew up in a family where sport played an important role. As a little girl I was very much passionate about doing ballet and gymnastic and I loved to dance. Dancing is something that has been my passion for life.

In my 20’s I got my diploma in Fitness Instructing so I became a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. I found it very interesting to teach people having a healthy lifestyle. I also did further studies in nutrition and became a certified Nutritionist. At that time I thought that physical activity and healthy eating was enough to have a healthy lifestyle. Several years ago I found out, thanks to my own experience, self-awareness training sessions and meditation that a healthy lifestyle was not only to eat healthy food and exercise.

There is something more; it is the balance between the body, mind and soul. Of course, it is important to find time to make it happen. Meditation and Yoga helps me to go to a deeper place within myself. My inner self is my personal true, my internal soul and nature that has been within me from the day I was born. To learn more about my inner self I decided to go on a journey to India, where I lived in an Ashram and learned a lot about yoga and meditation and most of all, about myself.

After my 5 weeks journey, I felt complete, peaceful and independent from the outside world. I was proud of myself and happy about finding the way to love myself again. I got my own power back. "I am Shakti". I became a certified Yoga Instructor/Therapist that I am very proud of. I discovered the most important about Yoga being not only the movement (Asana), but also breathing (Prana), meditation and philosophy of life.

Being a mother of two young girls and a business woman, it is sometimes also for me difficult to find the balance between the private life, work, being a good mother, a girlfriend, a partner and an entrepreneur. It takes a lot of energy to combine everything but now I know what helps to gain the energy back. I make enough time for myself, to do yoga, meditate and exercise in the gym and be in connection with the nature. I live in the present; I observe my feelings; I listen to my body and the rest… Let it happen!

Yolanda Zwiers

Maa Lakshmi Anand

My name is Slavomira Frankova and yoga found me at the time when I was looking for a change in my life.
I was a happy child full of energy, spending all my free time on the playground, running, jumping, singing, dancing... always looking for a new challenge to keep from getting bored. I remember making up dance routines for my girl friends that also made our friendships stronger and the time we spent together was full of joy, creativity and great energy.

After finishing my studies I started to experience the work life, I lived in different places, I traveled a lot, always looking for a change in my life :-) I truly believe Yoga found me at a point in my life when I needed it the most. I started to practice daily attending group classes in a local yoga studio.

Things have started to change - I stopped having a cold that I used to have a few times a year, my back pain disappeared, my sleep improved, my concentration improved, my self-confidence increased and many more. Overall, I have become a happier person and learned to live in the present.

Realizing all this I wanted to start sharing my experience and showing others the benefits of yoga and meditation. So I decided to go on my own journey and learn more about it and my inner self in India. I lived in Paramanand Yoga Ashram. It was a transforming and blissful time that I had. I became a certified Yoga Instructor/Therapist that I am very proud of. I also had the honour to receive my yogi name from my great teacher Dr. Omanand (also known as Guruji). As Maa Lakshmi Anand (The Goddess of Wealth) it is my passion to share what I have learnt and help people find their inner balance.


“I have attended and enjoyed the M.L.A. yoga classes immensely. Probably the things that I get the most benefit from are her amazing adjustments to the postures. She clearly knows her craft and her adjustments allow me to experience a deeper understanding of my body, its limitations and encourages me to go deeper into a posture than I thought I could. She is extremely patient. It is a class where time is taken and there is no feeling of rushing through each posture to get on to the next one. I always left her class feeling relaxed and "chilled out".
For anyone who has not attended a class: You just don't know what you are missing!” – Daniela, Slovakia

“M.L.A was the first yoga teacher with whom I started to practice yoga and I have to admit I loved it! Every class was held in the morning in the Medical garden so it was a perfect start of the day spent in the park. M.L.A was amazing and really has created a warm community within her space. The best thing for me was that she motivated me to keep on in practising yoga. I would definitely recommend class with her.” – Lucia, Slovakia

“I have always had an interest in Yoga, but never got the chance to take a yoga class until this summer. I knew that yoga was a mental game as much as a physical one, which is a large reason why I wanted to try it. I thought it was pretty cool, and very much what I was looking for. The whole day felt so different (better!) each and every time I did yoga in the morning. I felt well relaxed and ready for solving the daily issues. I already miss those classes so much.” – Zuzana, Slovakia

“My first encounter with Yoga…. Honestly, for a long time I´ve been yoga-skeptic. I always had an impression that yoga is really a slow motion exercise, not that kind of activity for person who always seeks "thrill" in life.
And yet I was wrong.
Out of curiosity I made first step and accepted invitation for a summer yoga session with M.L.A. in lovely Medicka garden. The early wake up was a bit painful and for a second I was hesitant whether to turn off the alarm clock or not. However, I soon realized yoga is the best alarm clock for my body and the best morning exercise I´ve ever done. 1 hour filled with warm up exercise, performing of different asanas, positioning your body to (to me still really weird) formations and finally a moment of mediation made my body fully prepared for the whole day. Position after position I felt how different parts of my body are saying Helloooooou. The combination of the morning sun, birds singing and wind blowing was giving the session a special vibe. I especially liked the moments when it was me, myself and me and for a while the time stopped running.
I must admit that after each and every session my muscles were soar, but in a good way. Finally, I felt what is my body made of and actually that my muscles are being used. The spiritual side of yoga was also an experience/experiment for me. I still cannot imagine myself to meditate for hours, but having a moment for myself in a very hectic city environment is beyond any price.” – Eva, Slovakia

“Meditation and breathing therapy with M.L.A. was really helpful. She knows how to explain in a nice, calm way the theraphy and more important after the session you feel full peace and joy.” – Lisa, Ecuador

“I have been looking for a peaceful way of exercising in my life and I am happy that I have found it in yoga classes lead by M.S.A.. The positivity and personal attention that she gives and the energy that shines from her make me feel better about me. It does not matter whether you perform the postures on a high or low level, the aim is to be yourself and stay within yourself. That is also the message that she gives to us. I will definitely continue to attend her classes.” – Sandra, Netherlands

“Before I have taken up yoga classes with M.L.A., I had tried yoga just once. I remember I was looking at the clock every 5 minutes because I found it very boring. The instructor did not even notice that I am new in class. I was not sure if I am doing it right. But despite of that I have started to attend M.L.A.´s class. And I really love it. First of all, it was great idea to hold classes outside in the morning. One can feel the difference between practicing indoor and outdoor yoga. Getting up was difficult but morning yoga was worth it. Fresh air and warm-up helped me to wake up my body. M.L.A. always reminded us how to breathe. As we all know breathing is essential in yoga. That was really valuable for me. Even though I was beginner, M.L.A. knew how to adjust the class to my needs. Some postures looked really complicated. But I managed to do it. That was what I liked the most. I tried and I managed it. Of course, she always reminded us: "Up to your limits, listen to your body." Approximately after one month I could feel positive impact on my back.” – Tinka, Slovakia

“Yoga helps me to focus on myself. It brings me into peace and relaxation and closer to my feelings. M.S.A. accompanies us in a gentle way throughout the class.” – Liesbeth, Netherlands

“I really like to do yoga classes with M.S.A.. She is an experienced teacher. The combination of the yoga postures and meditation is well balanced. Yoga class lead by M.S.A. is full of practical and spiritual information. She shows us different ways how to see and feel the body and mind. M.S.A. pays a close attention to how far we can go while in a posture and not to harm ourselves. That makes the classes always challenging. What I really like is the way she corrects our postures – she is professional and respectful and always adds a bit of humor to it, not forgetting to ask whether we want to be corrected. I find her classes to be fun to do and challenging.” – Mathilde, Netherlands

“M.S.A. is a very energetic and enthusiastic woman who has a lot of knowledge about a healthy mind and body. Her yoga classes are therefore very nice to attend. She prepares it to be suitable for everyone no matter what level of yoga you are at. After her class I feel reborn again and my mind feels empty. The only thing that I find difficult is the Indian terminology used as I do not understand Indian and I sometimes do not know what is meant. Having a bit older body, some postures are rather difficult to perform but I always find a way to keep moving.” – Annelies, Netherlands

“The morning yoga with M.S.A. is a nice start of the weekend. After over an hour long outdoor yoga and a nice relaxation I feel like there is more space in my body. M.S.A. is a spontaneous, sensitive, passionate yoga teacher with an open attitude. I feel a great energy coming out from her that makes me feel blissful and comfortable.” – Krista, Netherlands